Modern Learning Classroom






Peakhurst South Public School



Brief: A funky and exciting learning space for students to use new 21st century technology.

The school had purchased new and exciting technology to incorporate into the curriculum such as Lego Robotics, a 3D printer, touch screen whiteboard etc, however the existing room was old and uninspiring and felt flat. The brief was to create an exciting learning space for the primary school children to use the fabulous new equipment.

For this project we replaced the carpet, painted the walls, ceiling and windows, removed furniture and equipment no longer used, replaced the window coverings and installed a bright striped ‘runway’ down the full length of the room for the students to use as a race track for their built robots. The old back wall was painted in a lego-inspired block pattern for an added feature and to hide the storage that was kept behind it.

Once the furniture was installed in the new space it came to life as a colourful, exciting space for the students to be able to work collaboratively. I could not be more proud to have been involved in this community project which also happened to be my ex – primary school!

“Vivian showed her true talents when she presented her design to the school leadership and P&C. Everyone was impressed by Vivian’s creativity and the way the design met the needs of the project.

The 21st Century Classroom is now finished and truly is an inspirational learning space for the students at our school”

– Peakhurst South Public School P&C President

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